How It Works

Pick A Number Points

Win hundreds of point’s simultaneously from multiple TeamCash places by playing our weekly "Pick a Number" game. It’s simple, choose a number between 1 and 1000 prior to Sunday 12 PM of each week. Each day for six days straight, through a random process of elimination, 50% of the chosen numbers are eliminated. Each day we will notify you when you make the cut and move on to the next day’s round. Whichever members are left on the seventh day are the winners! Your winnings will automatically be added to your account. You can participate through the website or phone app but must have an account and be logged in.

1. If you already have an existing TeamCash, Cash Points, or Pass82 plastic card then click on "Register My Card" to re-link your existing account.
2. If you are new to TeamCash, click "Signup" to get started.
3. If you would like to see which places currently offer Pick a Number Points, click "See Places" below